Octomom is charged with welfare fraud

Well! I’m shocked!! OK, I’m not.

Could you believe it? Charged with welfare fraud. This loving mother of 14, a wannabe porn star, welfare fraud?

What’s next? Maybe the President has lied to us once or twice?

OK, we’ve snarked this to death and we’ll stop. This actually IS a problem, and we’re not talking about the welfare fraud chump change, and that’s Octomom’s problem anyway.

We’re talking about a serious societal problem. The very fact that the entertainment news junkies have made this woman out to be some kind of celebrity says things about our society that should be discussed on Oprah. Or maybe Oprah is part of the same problem.

We don’t have a solution, or even a recommendation. Honestly, we feel like we need a shower just talking about this, and we feel a little like a lemming just out for a run with some buddies.

What do you think about the celebrity status of Octomom and people like her? We’re pretty sure it’s a sign of the disintegration of what was once a wonderful society.

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