Liberals Outraged: Kansas Allowing Concealed Carry Guns in Public Buildings

One state, at least, is beginning to understand what the “right to bear arms” really means. Kansas is now allowing citizens with legal, concealed carry firearms licenses to carry their arms inside public buildings. And liberals are screaming bloody murder.

Logically thinking Kansans note that the new law will likely make many public buildings safer as crooks and mass murderers may find themselves a tad more reluctant to try shooting up a building if they can’t be sure how many others are armed inside.

The new law did give cities that wanted to further explore their options a way to temporarily opt out of the law allowing concealed carry (CC) in public spaces. Claiming a four-year exemption, some city and county governments are still denying CC license holders to carry in some public buildings.

The law also gives governments the option to completely bar CC guns inside, but they are required to install metal detectors and other security devices to facilitate this permanent exemption.

This is where liberals are losing it. They claim that requiring governments to pay for these security devices is somehow an “unfair burden” on the government.

“It’s unfair to the taxpayer to ask them to fork out those kinds of dollars,” said Wichita City Councilwoman Janet Miller said. “There is no municipality in the state of Kansas that can afford those infrastructure costs.”

Of course, they have that backwards. What is unfair is denying legal CC holders to be able to satisfy their Constitutional right anywhere they go. THAT is the unfairness, here.

So, here’s an idea, Mz Miller. DON’T spend the money, allow CC guns in public buildings and allow your citizens their Constitutional rights. That seems like a pretty easy solution to your worry about spending tax money.

The citizens of the Sunflower State are really stepping up their interests in their Constitutional rights, too. CC applications have soared.

“Kansas set a state record for concealed-carry interest last year with 24,000 applicants,” The New York Times reported. “Since the Legislature passed its first concealed-weapons law in 2006, more than 75,000 residents have received the license, which requires eight hours of training.”

Good for Kansas, eh?

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