Iran agrees to the nuclear deal

Iran has agreed to the deal hammered out last November. The deal will continue to loosen sanctions on Iran and they will stop enriching uranium beyond the 5% level for use in nuclear reactors.

The details still need to be negotiated.

Yeah, that’s the load of tripe that John Kerry and the Obama administration are going to try to sell the American people and the US Senate. OK, it’s probably not “tripe”. We’ll call it “crap”. Better?

Secretary of State John Kerry is welcoming the deal.

“Our absolute top priority in these negotiations is preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Making absolutely clear, beyond any doubt, that Iran’s program is a peaceful program.”

Keep in mind that those words are falling out of the mouth of the same guy who went to Paris in 1973 while an officer in the US Navy and tried to sell out his country to the North Vietnamese. No, we haven’t forgiven him for that. We have a new rope in the garage that we’ll donate to his hanging when the government comes to it’s senses.

This idiot actually thinks Iran is aiming at a “peaceful” use of nuclear energy. Well, he thought we wouldn’t notice that he parked his multimillion dollar yacht in Newport, RI so he could avoid pay Massachusetts taxes on it too.

You may not know this, but the enrichment process is not linear. Weapons grade uranium is 95%+ enriched. There are three steps in the enrichment process, the first step is 5% – the threshold for a nuclear power plant. That part of the process takes roughly 75% of the time required to get to 95%. The next threshold is 20% and that totals about 90% of the time to get to weapons grade. It’s literally a matter of days, a very few weeks at the most, to get from 20% to 95%.

Iran will continue to enrich to 5% and they get to keep their 20% enriched uranium. There is no peaceful use for 20% enriched uranium, or anything over 5%, actually.

Secretary Kerry and Barack Obama probably believe that Iran is simply another peace loving nation that wants nuclear power. They’re willing to ignore the stockpile of enriched uranium over 5% that the Iranians hold now. They’re fools.

All this “deal” is doing is giving the Iranians six more months to enrich with minimal interference and no effective sanctions.

It was the sanctions that got Iran to the bargaining table in the first place and there was no rational reason to cut off sanctions once they sat down. The administration should have kept the sanctions in place until there was a “real” inspection regime in place to verify what Iran is doing. The administration isn’t interested in verifying anything, they’re only interested in getting ObamaCare off the front pages.

The US Senate apparently has at least 67 votes to pass renewed sanctions and the House should also be able to produce a veto proof majority. The Iranians have indicated that if the bill is even debated they will pull out of the limited deal they’ve agreed to. We’re hoping the Senate moves forward with the legislation and passes it with a veto proof majority.

The Iranians are the number one threat to peace in every corner of the earth, not just the Middle East. They need to be brought under control and we don’t believe that John Kerry’s negotiations will do that.

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