Congress comes back, the election takes precedent

The Congress is dribbling back into Washington, more slowly than usual because of the weather. We consider that to be a good thing, as Mark Twain said,

When Congress is in session lives and property are at stake.

Mind the income gapThat’s never been more true than with the Obama administration sort of running things. Sort of.

This is an election year and that means “The People’s Business” will descend into what the leadership of the two parties want for headlines in order to get their members reelected and to add more members to their side. To hell with the people.

The Democrats will be setting the agenda, mostly because the Republican leadership doesn’t have much of an agenda beyond being liked by the Washington Press Corps (Corpse?) and the Democrats. Thanks Mitch, thanks John.

We expect to hear a lot about most of these things:

  • Extension of unemployment insurance;
  • Income inequality;
  • Amnesty;
  • Income inequality;
  • Amnesty;
  • Income inequality;
  • Fairness.

You’ll note that “ObamaCare” is missing. Democrats don’t want to talk about that. We’ll see if Republicans will push it. We think they must push it every minute of every day.

The President will be in full campaign mode and will pushing everything but ObamaCare. He will also be raising money for November. Did we mention he’ll be talking about income inequality and amnesty? And raising money?

We will be on top of the issues as they start to form up. You’ll note that The Curmudgeon has been pretty silent on the November elections and we’ll likely be pretty quiet for the next few months because we really don’t know what the issues will be come this summer.

We’ll be covering the issues with our normally crotchety take.

Right now, look for the President to do what he does best. Perhaps the only thing he does well, campaign. He’s going to stay above the fray and try to set the agenda, mostly because Senators and Representatives who are fighting for their jobs don’t want him anywhere near their campaigns.

As Republicans, there will be two fights going on this year, the first will be primary fights where Conservatives will be taking their best shot at moderate incumbents. This will be interesting because the Republican leadership has drawn a line in the sand and have declared open war against the Tea Party base. They’ve recruited the big players, the Chamber of Commerce is pledging $50 million for moderates in the primaries and pretty much all of the Washington beltway groups are in line with the leadership.

The biggest fight will most likely be over amnesty. We’re at a loss as to why the Republican leadership wants to create about 40 million new Democratic voters, but they do. If we can stop amnesty again, that will give Conservatives huge momentum going into November.

Look for the leadership to hold off on an amnesty fight until after most of the Republican primaries are over so their members won’t have to defend an amnesty vote.

It’s going to be an interesting year and we’ll be right here to help you wade through the Washington bluster.


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