Rep. Peter King is a supporter of terrorists

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is an ardent supporter of a terrorist group that has murdered thousands of people in the UK. Keep that in mind as you listen to this insane rant by King.

We’ll get back to the substance of King’s rant in just a minute, but first let’s take up the charge that Sen. Rand Paul “… is part of that ‘hate America crowd’ and doesn’t deserve to be in the United States Senate…”

Peter King is the ultimate hypocrite with that charge, he makes Harry Reid look like a man of honor and Barack Obama a candidate for sainthood.

King supported a vile terrorist group, the Irish Republican Army, who murdered thousands in Northern Ireland and Britain.

They were no different than Islamic terrorists, except we would rate the Islamists to be braver and more honorable than the IRA. The Islamists at least have the decency to blow themselves up when they murder innocent civilians. The IRA used car bombs and satchel bombs in department stores after running off from the bombs like the cowards they were – and are.

Here’s the description of Peter King from the Washington Post. I’m certainly no fan of the Post, but they have this one down pat.

In 1985, the Irish government boycotted the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York City, the biggest celebration in the Irish American calendar. The cause of its umbrage was Peter T. King, that year’s grand marshal and someone the Irish government said was an “avowed” supporter of a terrorist organization, the Irish Republican Army.

King, then a local politician on Long Island, was one of the most zealous American defenders of the militant IRA and its campaign to drive the British out of Northern Ireland. He argued that IRA violence was an inevitable response to British repression and that the organization had to be understood in the context of a centuries-long struggle for independence.

The British government is a murder machine,” King said. He described the IRA, which mastered the car bomb as an instrument of urban terror, as a “legitimate force.” And he compared Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein, the IRA’s political wing, to George Washington.

A quarter-century later, King is chairman of the powerful House Homeland Security Committee.

King sounds like the apologists for the “Palestinians”, Hezbollah, Hamas, al Qaeda, and every other murderous bunch of Islamists around the world. The IRA were butchers. Their goal was to murder as many civilians, especially the elderly, women, children, the most defenseless, as they could. Peter King supported these butchers.

King thinks car bombs are a “legitimate force”. We wonder how he would have felt had the car bomb that was discovered in Times Square a few years ago – with no help from the NSA or the Patriot Act – had gone off and killed dozens of New Yorkers? If a car bomb under the control of the IRA is legitimate, certainly this one would have been too, right?

Here’s what King is ranting against. Rand Paul is filing a class action suit against the President and the NSA for their telephone collection work.

Senator Paul’s point about a single warrant applying to millions of Americans without naming any of them is a valid Constitutional argument.

Keep in mind, as Rep. King talks about warrants, he’s talking about going to the Foreign Intelligence Service Act court. The FISA court is a secret court. Their rulings, and the arguments leading to those rulings, are made in secret and are classified. There is absolutely no transparency with this court.

From 1979, when the court was established, through 2012, the FISA court has granted 33,949 warrants, modified 504 warrants, and denied 11 warrants. The FISA court is a rubber stamp.

The second point King makes about Sen. Paul’s comments related to the Director of National Security, James Clapper, who heads the NSA, sharing a prison cell with Edward Snowden is simply stupid. Clapper arguably committed perjury in his testimony before the Congress. He could be, and in our view should be, charged and tried for perjury.

We will stand with Sen. Rand Paul on this issue.

Rep. King, you’re a hypocritical, terrorist supporting, terrorist loving, blowhard. You don’t deserve to be in the Congress. You don’t deserve to be called an American. Actually Rep. King, you could have been tried under the Patriot Act for your support of the IRA since they were recognized by the US government as a terrorist organization.

Perhaps somebody should think about finding a way to do that. There’s no statute of limitations on aiding and abetting murder and terrorism.

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