Duck Dynasty becomes Gun Dynasty?

Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty family have got to be enjoying themselves right now. First A&E fires Phil. GLAAD and victims’ lobby go berserk screaming and stamping their feet demanding that the show be cancelled. The Duck family simply smiled and said, “No Phil, no show, have a nice day.” and then they went duck hunting.

It took A&E just seven days to cave.

It looks like Phil and family (it was all we could do not to type “phamily”) aren’t going to let the good times stop rolling.

Next to “racism” and “homophobia”, the victims’ lobby’s top priority is gun control. Actually, that’s people control, but they like to call it “gun control” so we’ll go with that today. Turns out that the Ducks have been working with the good folks at Mossberg.

Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family is teaming with Mossberg to launch a line of shotguns, .22 rifles, and a pistol.

The line of guns is branded Duck Commander, and includes nine different shotguns, two semi-automatic rifles and a semi-automatic pistol.

According to CNN Money, the “guns will come in a ‘waterfowl pattern’ camouflage design.”

The Duck Commander shotguns will be complimented by “military-style” .22 rifles and a AR-15-based .22 pistol.

The .22 rifle is on an AR-15 frame and is a Duck Commander version of the Mossberg International 715T rifle. CNN Money described it as having “some of the features of an ‘assault rifle.’”

You’ve just gotta love the “military-style” terminology. Former mayor Bloomberg and his nannies must be going crazy.

And there’s not a cotton picking thing the victims’ lobby can do about it. Heh.

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