‘Denver Post’ Brands ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson a ‘Hate-Speech Spewer’

In a December 28 Facebook posting advertising its article on the A&E network’s decision to reinstate Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, the Denver Post called Robertson a “hate-speech spewer.” So much for an unbiased reporting of the news.

To flack its December 28 article titled, “‘Duck Dynasty’ debacle winners and losers,” by television critic, Joanne Ostrow, the Post threw up a blurb on Facebook saying that A&E “welcomed patriarch and hate-speech spewer Phil Robertson” back to the show.

“The feathers are no longer flying,” the Facebook blurb reads. “For now, the “Duck Dynasty” debacle is settled. The network, A&E, has welcomed patriarch and hate-speech spewer Phil Robertson back into the fold. So who were the winners and losers in this sad episode?”

Many of the comments on the Facebook page take the Post to task for its extreme bias.

A fellow named Mehedi Saad, for instance, slams the paper saying, “I’m about as liberal as it gets and calling him a hate speech spewer is f**ked up and unprofessional. Everything he said was taken out of context and blown out of proportion.”

Others offered equally negative comments.

The article itself goes on with the extremist comments about the Robertsons calling them “homophobic,” and “racist.

The writer also felt the need to slam Sarah Palin saying that Palin thinks Christianity is “an excuse for hate speech.”

It seems fairly clear that writer Joanne Ostrow never even read Phil Robertson’s comments in the first place.

Speaking of comments, those on the Denver Post article are as negative against Ostrow as the Facebook page comments were about the Facebook posting.

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