Smoke And Mirrors: Obama Pretends to Sign Up For Obamacare

On Monday, December 23, the White House tried to make “news” by claiming that President Obama “signed up” for Obamacre. Only, the truth is it was just a lame publicity stunt. Obama did not sing up for anything.

White House officials announced that on Monday Obama “signed up” for his own signature–and massively failed–healthcare system.

On Monday afternoon, April Ryan, the White House Correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks, was all excited to Tweet that “President Obama signed up for insurance and selected the Bronze plan for health insurance over the weekend while on vacation.”

This, of course, was the propaganda that the White House fed their lapdog mediot. The truth is, Obama himself was not involved in signing up for anything. He is on vacation in Hawaii. It was the White House propaganda office that did it for him as a way to get the nation talking about Obamacare as the hours wind down until the so-called sign up deadline arrives.

Not long after the White House lapdog issued her little Tweet, the White House issued a statement.

Over the weekend and in advance of today’s deadline, the President enrolled in a health care plan made available by the Affordable Care Act on the DC marketplace. As you all know, the President is one of the 85 percent of Americans who gets his health insurance through his employer and, like previous Presidents, is privileged to receive health care from the military. The act of the President signing up for insurance coverage through the DC exchange is symbolic since the President’s health care will continue to be provided by the military. But, he was pleased to participate in a plan as a show of support for these marketplaces which are providing quality, affordable health care options to more than a million people. The President selected a bronze plan.

This is all a smoke screen, though. It is merely “symbolic,” as even CNN reports.

The truth is Obama has no use for this supposed Obamacare plan the White House signed him up for. He is covered by the US military because he is President, for Pete’s sake! He does not need private health insurance and never will. He will get free coverage from the US taxpayer for life.

This is all just propaganda. Period.

In fact, Obama is one of the only Americans in the country who really will be able to keep his healthcare plan if he likes it.

The rest of us aren’t so lucky, quite despite what he said so many times…

The White House claimed that Obama signed up for a “bronze” plan. But, if he wanted truth with as fake as this whole mess is, the White House would have said he signed up for a pyrite plan!

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