CNN’s Brit Twit Piers Morgan Says 1st Amend. Should Only Cover Speech HE Likes

British twit Piers Morgan, host of one of CNN’s lowest rated evening talk shows, has made it clear many times that he is wholly ignorant about the U.S. Constitution. Usually he reveals his ignorance about the Second Amendment, but this time he’s shown his stupidity about the First saying that freedom of speech shouldn’t cover speech he doesn’t like.

Foreign citizen Morgan was naturally responding to the current controversy over comments made by Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson. Morgan says that Robertson shouldn’t be allowed to have his freedom of speech or his choice of religion. Robertson should only be allowed to say what Piers Morgan thinks is proper.

Morgan idiotically jumped to his over used Twitter feed to reveal his latest nonsense saying, “Just as the 2nd Amendment shouldn’t protect assault rifle devotees, so the 1st Amendment shouldn’t protect vile bigots. #PhilRobertson.”

It is painfully clear that this interloper from England has never read the U.S. Constitution and doesn’t understand it. I guess the “ye olde English language” it was written in is too complicated for Morgan to grasp.

Of course, most Americans understand that the First Amendment was made precisely for people such as Phil Robertson. It was made to give people of all political and religious persuasions the assured freedom to be able to say and believe what they want.

But, like all leftist fascists (here we call them members of the Democrat Party), Morgan feels that he should be the one to say what speech is “allowed” and what isn’t.

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