Gay CNN commentator defends Duck Dynasty’s Robertson

Yesterday we featured Camile Paglia, a lesbian, university professor, and writer who defended Phil Robertson and in the process noted that her liberal Democratic friends were fascists and Stalinists on a politically correct witch hunt.

Today we’ve got a gay CNN commentator defending Phil to the odorous, obnoxious Piers Morgan who is demanding that Phil gets fired for breaching some line or another. Please note that this is the same refugee from England who wants to repeal the 2nd amendment and confiscate our machine guns. Assuming we had machine guns.

Piers is blathering on about “corporate responsibility” vis-à-vis Walmart selling Duck Dynasty products in the hundreds of millions. He also whines about the Dynasty’s viewership.

Personally, we are sold on the idea that little Piers is just jealous. He’s at the bottom of the ratings with a network who couldn’t fill a decent sized football stadium with any of their shows, and we’re not convinced that Piers audience could fill our apartment.

We enjoyed the commentator saying “Look, I always err on the side of free speech…” You would think that any journalist would be right there with him. We know that we don’t agree with much of what the commentator believes, but we’re shoulder to shoulder on free speech.

His point is that, let the market decide. We found it interesting that someone brought up that A&E was going to fire Phil and they thought that was a market decision.

First of all, since A&E is getting ready to air a season wrap up of Duck Dynasty with Phil, and because they would lose at least 14 million viewers, we question the business rationale for cancelling the show.

Next, with respect to the merchandise and their Walmart business, see above. Walmart knows their market and given the choice of ticking off thousands of GLAAD supporters or tens of millions of Dynasty supporters, this seems like a no brainer. Think of the same decision making process that Walmart followed when they were being pressured to stop selling guns. That went nowhere.

There is certainly a possibility that A&E could think their commitment to the gay, lesbian, transgender, and queer community (did we miss anybody?) is more important than 14 plus million real people. They could well cancel Duck Dynasty.

In that scenario does anybody think that there’s not another cable network who wouldn’t like 14 million loyal viewers plus merchandise? We could see the Dynasty moving to another network – CNN maybe because they’re working hard to deemphasize their news division.

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