Video Panders to Half Naked Gays to Spread Obamacare Enrollment Message

When you think Christmas–or healthcare, for that matter–do you think of half naked gay guys romping about in speedo undies and holding mistletoe over each other’s heads? Well President Obama and his Obamacare pushers apparently do.

Apparently, according to Obama and his supporters who are pushing the failed Obamacare plan on the rest of us, gays are leering, oversexed men-children who romp about in speedo underwear and fondle each other… oh, and they like them some Obamacare, too.

Talk about sexual objectifying!

The video is, of course, meant to push Obamacare on the country, but by appealing to the tiny 2% of the country that is gay…. that sure seems like a “narrow” casting of the message, doesn’t it?

The video was produced by a group called Full Frontal Freedom Productions, another one of those extremist, left-wing front groups that are somehow always able to get hundreds of millions of dollars of our tax money given to them for one idiotic project or another. It is all just waste and graft distributed from Washington, a prime example of the sort of abuse Washington is famous for.

This whole production is a pretty disgust display, don’t you think?

And remember. Your tax dollars went to pay for this porn.

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