Viral Video of a Brutal Murder

Murder? OK, it’s a “murder” with a finger gun and a very talented hamster.

Nobody is talking about this, but if your child showed this cute little video off to a friend on his iPhone at school… Gone! Outta here!! Zero tolerance for gun violence!!! Have you no respect? I mean the Newtown anniversary was just last week!!!!

Think about it. It’s cute to put this on the evening news, but kids have actually been expelled from school for using the age old finger gun. Or for wearing a t-shirt. Or drawing a picture of a Ninja with a gun. Or biting a pop-tart into the shape of Florida.

Florida Murder

Nobody seems to care much about real murders – 401 murders this year in Chicago – but point your finger and say “bang” and you can expect to see all hell break loose. Ad nauseam.

Our schools, as with many parts of society, have turned into the equivalent of indoctrination camps. Heaven forbid we should hold an opinion that runs crosswise from our Know-Betters.

Just look at the Duck Dynasty flap that’s going on right now. We are probably the only people in the country that don’t follow the Duck Dudes, we just avoid reality TV. Heck, we pretty much avoid TV. The point, though, is that Phil was asked a question about homosexuality and he answered it. He’s now be “indefinitely suspended” from his A&E show.

Miley Cirus, on the other hand, seems to have morphed into hero status for a public demonstration of masturbation with a foam finger.

Even our military is not immune from the politically correct makeover. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” has morphed into “flaunt it, stuff it”, physical standards for combat infantry troops are being lowered so women won’t be “unfairly” denied those job classifications (we’re glad our son is now a civilian Marine), and Christmas is about to be a thing of the past on US military bases. The Air Force can take down a Nativity Scene in two and a half hours from being notified that it offended somebody but we can’t respond to an attack on a US Consulate in 12 hours.

Really, what’s being murdered is out culture.

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