OUTRAGEOUS: School Bans Kid’s Christmas Poster Because it ‘Might be Religious’

It’s a sales job, not a religious message!

It could be, it might be, it… isn’t religious, but the fearful authorities at a Minnesota school thought that a skeleton carton on a kid’s Christmas poster was “religious” and should be taken down.

The poster featured the cartoon character Jack Skellington from the Tim Burton movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” but this didn’t stop the absurd authorities at the PACT Charter school in Ramsey, Minnesota from taking it down for fear of “religious” themes.

The civil rights advocacy group The Rutherford Institute has taken up the cause and sent a letter to the school warning them of their folly.

In fact, the poster couldn’t be any less religious. The poster was created as an advertisement to urge kids to buy the school yearbook, it features a skeleton cartoon, but it does say “Merry Christmas.” I guess just saying the word Christmas is too “religious” these days.

In the convoluted logic of the school, the kids can’t use the cartoon image because of the “First Amendment.” Apparently these so-called educators missed several parts of that Amendment such as the “free speech” part and “freedom of religion” part.

“Afraid of controversy, indoctrinated by political correctness, steeped in a zero tolerance mind set, and constitutionally illiterate, school administrators persist in playing the part of the Grinch every December,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute.

It is yet another example of how our schools are utter failures that need to be torn down and remade in America’s image!

What do you think? Is this just another example of the failure of our schools? Or is the school right?

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