Union-Loving School Official Says School Vouchers Would ‘Train Terrorists’

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One of the biggest solutions reformers have to fix our failing schools is to give parents vouchers that can be used to send kids to the parent’s choice of schools. But one union-backing school superintendent in North Carolina is so against any solutions outside those offered by unions that she is going to the absurd extreme of saying that vouchers would be used to “train terrorists.”

That’s right. If you support giving parents a better choice for their children’s education, then you are a supporter of terrorism.

North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson says of the voucher legislation, “There is nothing in the legislation that would prevent someone from establishing a school of terror.”

Really? That is her concern? Where did this come from, you might wonder? Why, she’s attacking Christian schools, of course.

A reporter for WECT TV asked Atkinson her response to news that a local Christian school was changing its admission policies to allow the private institution to reject applications from students living in gay households.

Of course, it should be pointed out that the Christian school in question, Wilmington’s Myrtle Grove Christian School, has said it would not participate in any public voucher program in order to better control their own applicants.

In a recent statement the school explained: “Myrtle Grove Christian School does not receive government funding or enroll students under any voucher program, and we will not be accepting Opportunity Scholarships next year. While we are grateful that this new program will enable more parents in North Carolina to make the school choices that they believe are best for their children, Myrtle Grove will continue to make scholarship opportunities available solely through private funding sources.”

But this doesn’t matter to taxpayer paid “educator” Atkinson.

She is utterly against anything that improves education that lies outside ideas and policies from the union-controlled educrats that our taxes unfortunately support.

To her and her union buddies, all Christians are terrorists and any private schooling not fully controlled by the ineffective and corrupt unions is an outright evil that must be stopped.

Our public schools are utter and complete failures from coast to coast. It is due to sold-out, left-wingers like Atkinson. They are making our schools the laughing stock of the world and churning out millions of uneducated people that are useless to our society.

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