Justice? We don’t do no stinking justice.

This story makes me way beyond just angry. Count this as a language warning.

Ethan Couch is a sixteen year old kid whose parents are rich. It turns out that apparently his mom and dad – make that the bitch that gave birth to him and the sperm donor she lives with – don’t have a problem with young master Couch doing drugs and drinking alcohol in excess. They also have enough – way more than enough – money to bail the little bastard out of any and every scrape with the law. After all, he’s entitled.

Here’s why I’m beside myself.

Ethan Couch and seven of his friends went into a Walmart and stole beer. Ethan was also taking mass quantities of Valium. They hopped into master Couch’s pickup truck, proceeded to get drunk – Couch’s blood alcohol was three times the legal limit for an adult driver – and were blasting down a Fort Worth street at 70 mph. Along the side of the street there was a youth pastor who had stopped to help some folks with a flat tire. The four of them were minding their own business when Couch rammed his truck into them killing all four. He and his drunken buddies, unfortunately, survived.

Couch was caught running away from the scene, and was reportedly yelling to his friends, “Come on, I’m Ethan Couch, I’ll get you out of this.”

The case went to juvenile court – in my home state of Arizona, he’d likely have been tried as an adult because he had priors – and the judge ruled.

One year in a $1,200 a day hotel with amenities and nine more years on probation. I’m out of words. If you think this judge was an outrageous idiot just wait ‘till you hear the psychologist who testified on Couch’s behalf. Young master Couch has a disorder this idiot calls “affluenza”, being rich and spoiled.

Got it?

Personally, I hope that the victim’s families sue the Couches and I’d love to be on the jury. Sperm donor and his bitch should end up homeless and penniless and they should end up with a judgment that covers every dollar either of them makes for the rest of their lives. No homes, no cars, no businesses. I’d make sure the judgment extended to the treatment facility as well, they shouldn’t get a nickel to pamper this little reprobate.

I’m done, except to say the judge, defense attorneys and psychologist can all rot in hell for this one.

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