So why would somebody bring a gun to a school?

Another shooting at a school and you can bet the progressives are going to be screaming for a roundup of guns. But why would somebody bring a gun to a school and shoot up the place? There are a couple of things that stand out in the shootings we’ve seen over the past decade or so.

The most obvious is that most of the shooters are class “A” nut cases that everybody around them knew were well beyond the edge. Those shootings, like Newtown, are not a gun problem, they are a mental health problem and a denial problem with the people around them.

Specifically, the guy (I won’t print names of shooters) who shot Rep. Giffords was identified as a danger at his community college but he dropped out and the college officials couldn’t’ be bothered to follow up. The Aurora, Colorado theater shooter had been seeing a psychologist at his school, she identified him as a danger and didn’t report him. Finally the Newtown shooter was considered, by his family, to be dangerous and they were considering having him committed. They didn’t follow up.

You get the idea.

The next problem is school kids who are exacting revenge on their teachers/classmates and this appears to be the motive of the latest shooter. He got dropped from the debate team so he went to school with a shotgun, Molotov cocktails and a machete to get even.

There’s bigger problem that we haven’t seen much about, but it has the potential to make school shooters look like good guys. Today’s kids seem to have a sense of entitlement, they’re not responsible for anything. They’ve got a first rate role model sitting in the White House.

Kids coming to school pushing back against authority and discipline. Administrators introducing kids who’ve been in jail back into the classroom. Actions no longer have consequences.

We’re opposed to “zero tolerance” policies, they are really no more than “zero intelligence” policies, they give school administrators the ability to say they are doing something when they’re not.

It’s long past time to boot the “educators” out of school and work to actively involve parents in the process. We hear all the time from teachers and administrators how parental involvement is sooooooo important, but when was the last time you saw a public school do anything to encourage parents to be involved and to really give them a voice. The only reason “educators” want parents around is to impress them with just how smart they are.

Our kids went to private schools until high school. Every private school was structured around making sure every family was involved in the school and in the education of their kids. That came to a screeching halt with public high school. Parents were pariahs. And frankly, the schools – VERY well funded schools in a VERY high end area – sucked. Lots of activities, not so much actual learning. Fortunately, our boys made it out of school and have done well as adults, no thanks to their high school, they had a good foundation before they got there.

It’s time to reorganize education, and we can start by shutting down the US Department of Education and eliminating all federal funds going to states/cities for “education”. Step two is to offer vouchers to all parents and let them choose where to send their kids to school. That breaks the government education monopoly that has managed to make a high school diploma worthless over the past 30 years.

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