Paul Ryan is a fiscal sell out

We have fond – or bitter – memories of hearing that Mitt Romney was going to pick Paul Ryan as his VP candidate. That was a year and a half ago, which equates to at least one or two lifetimes in politics.

We expected Ryan would be a voice of fiscal sanity for Republicans and we’re sure that view was shared by the vast majority of conservatives. Well, turns out we were wrong.

If you’re a bit weak in the stomach right now, we’ll save you the pain of finishing this article: Paul Ryan is a worthless, Washington-establishment-infected, sellout without a fiscally conservative bone in his worthless body.

For the strong of stomach, here’s what the details look like.

Under the current law, discretionary spending is set to fall from $986 billion this year to $967 billion in 2014. A reduction of $19 billion in real dollars. To personalize this, if you make $50,000 per year an equivalent reduction for you would be $80 per month, and that’s probably a fraction of the increase to your health insurance under ObamaCare. It’s less than 2%.

With current spending at $986B and projected spending at $967B, you’d think that a decent negotiator could at least split the difference. Paul Ryan, who is widely recognized as one of the smartest guys in the Congress, was negotiating with Patty Murray. Murray is generally recognized as dumb as a rock.

Next year’s spending? A little of $1 trillion. But it’s all right because by raising spending Ryan & Murray achieved $85 billion in savings and reduced the deficit by $23 billion. With higher fees taxes. Here’s David Stockman, who knows a thing or two about Washington “deals”.

We’re not going to bore you with comments from Ryan, Murray, Obama, or anybody who lives to find ways for Washing to survive.

Here’s what Heritage Action had to say:

“Heritage Action cannot support a budget deal that would increase spending in the near-term for promises of woefully inadequate long-term reductions,” the organization said in a statement.

“While imperfect, the sequester has proven to be an effective tool in forcing Congress to reduce discretionary spending, and a gimmicky, spend-now-cut-later deal will take our nation in the wrong direction.”

Americans for Prosperity:

Americans for Prosperity, which supports cutting taxes and government spending, called on congressional Republicans to “stand firm” in upholding a second round of across-the-board automatic spending cuts, which are scheduled to start in January.

“Otherwise, congressional Republicans are joining liberal Democrats in breaking their word to the American people to finally begin reining in government over-spending that has left us over $17 trillion in debt,” said AFP President Tim Phillips.

David Stockman:

I would give the lowest grade to the Republican, Paul Ryan. He’s proving once again that he’s a fiscal fake.


We can easily live with the sequester, it’s a Washington Beltway lie that they can’t…

David Stockman can you get behind this deal?

It’s a total joke.

And a very bad one at that. Unfortunately we don’t have someone who can successfully primary Ryan.

Hey Paul! If you’re planning on running for President don’t expect conservative support after this sell out. We can’t support anybody whose soul is owned by Patty Murray.    Oh, and you can depend on Mr. Ryan to sell out on immigration as well.

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