Is It Outrageous That Denver Newspaper Now has a Pot Reviewer? Bill O’Reilly Thinks it is

It is now legal in Colorado to sell and buy marijuana. As a result of this law, the Denver Post newspaper has hired a “pot editor.” Bill O’Reilly thinks this is an outrage.

The venerable, left-wing Denver paper hired toker Ricardo Baca to review pot sellers and write about the issues around the current legal status as the Centennial State moves forward with counties and communities figuring out how to write laws and ordinances to accommodate the new pot laws.

Well, maybe “toker” isn’t the right word to use for Baca. In an appearance on the Stephen Colbert show he noted that he doesn’t smoke weed. But he does eat it.


All of this made Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly go nuts. O’Reilly’s head exploded as he noted that the newspaper has just created a position for a guy who will have to get inebriated for a living!

O’Reilly does have a point, though. Some may want to claim that smoking “Mary Jane” is somehow “just like” drinking alcohol, but one can drink alcohol without becoming totally drunk. This is not true of pot. You cannot use pot without becoming obliterated.

So, what do you guys think? Is this just another example of how our newspapers and news media are wallowing in ever lower standards? Or is a “pot editor” a good idea?

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