Obama is not a Marxist. He’s a Fascist.

Thanks to society allowing the Left to take over the language most people think that a Fascist is a far right, Tea Party member. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s the definition:

13-1210 - Fascism

Conservatives, Libertarians, the Tea Parties, all stand for free markets and individual liberty. Individual liberty. We are absolutely opposed to centralized planning, we reject the idea that “the government” knows better than we do what is right for ourselves, for our families, for our children. We believe the government has a role in life of the nation, but that role is limited, and the Constitution defines that limited role.

Obviously, we’re a long way from the Founder’s vision of a limited central government.

The Obama administration is the poster for modern Fascism. All you have to do is look at every one of their initiatives.

  • They’ve defined “poverty” at an all time high income level, the sole purpose is to get more people reliant on government handouts. Food stamp usage is at an all time high, XX million Americans are on this welfare program.
  • They’ve used the EPA to increase the regulation of business to the point where they control utility rates and they’ve made it nearly impossible to start a manufacturing business.
  • ObamaCare is an initiative to control one-sixth of our economy and in the process the government gets to decide what health care you need.

You get the idea. This President, and the Democratic Party, is all about centralized control. Listen to this exchange on ObamaCare. It’s instructive that the woman in the lower right panel is working overtime, not on the central theme of the argument, but on definition of terms. Thankfully, Jonathan Hoenig stomps the daylights out of her.

I especially love the way he deconstructs her pathetic argument that ObamaCare is all about some notion of “equality”. There’s nothing “equal” about Obama’s exemptions of favored groups and his certain bailout of the insurance companies in three years when we find out what we all know will happen, young people will not enroll in sufficient numbers, and the cost curve will dramatically accelerate because older, sicker people will be “insured”.

This is exactly why the insurance industry was such a big supporter of ObamaCare. They can’t lose. The insurance industry wins big, Obama gets lots of press proclaiming him the modern day Moses leading America out of the wilderness of private health care, and the losers are taxpayers and anybody who is actually going to need medical care because this nightmare is already beginning to collapse the healthcare industry.

At least Mussolini made the trains runs on time.

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