LIAR EXPOSED: Union Organizer Pretends to be Anti-Union Protester to Push Union Goals

Fake anti-union protester.

It turns out that the viral video depicting an uncaring, screaming “Google” employee that was attacking innocent union organizers in San Francisco ended up being a union organizer attempting to make a scene, gin up emotion in favor of unions and make Google employees look like elitist jerks who hate poor people. Yes, this guy turns out to be a liar.

Unions have been protesting the private bus line that Google set up to ferry its own employees from downtown San Francisco to its facilities in the city and the unions got a big boost from a viral video that seemed to show a jerk of a Google employee telling union members to move out of the city if they can’t afford to live there.

When the video first began to make the rounds on the Internet it was presented as a mean Google guy attacking poor, innocent (and female) union organizers making Google and its employees look bad.

But it turns out that Mr. Yelling, big mouth, jerk guy was actually a union organizer engaging in a fake shouting match meant to make Google look bad and to drum up attention and sympathy for the union cause.

What is that cause? Well, Google sends its private bus fleet around the city stopping at city-owned bus stops and using the Muni bus routes without paying any fees to the city. Another issue the union protesters were trying to highlight was the continued gentrification of the area as people of higher economic status move in to work for places like Google potentially driving out lower income residents.

The protests were put on by a union group calling itself the “San Francisco Displacement and Neighborhood Impact Agency.”

So, as it happens these union protesters blockaded the front of a Google shuttle bus preventing it from leaving a stop on Valencia Street. Enter Mr. yelling jerk guy who exited the bus and started screaming at the union protesters saying he was a Google employee and couldn’t get to work because of the union intervention.

Fake anti-union protester attacking poor, innocent female union supporters.

He began berating the poor little lady unionista telling her if she couldn’t afford to live in Frisco then she should get out. The video made it look like Google employees are uncaring about poor people who are impacted by Google. It was a great video for the unions and a black eye for Google and those evil One Percenters.

Or was it…

It turns out that Mr. yelling, jerk guy is actually a union thug named Max Bell Alper, an organizer for the left-wing, union extremist group UNITE HERE.

Alper is not a Google employee like he claimed, he was not “late for work” like he claimed, and his only goal was to make Google and Google employees look like jerks that don’t care about their fellow San Franciscans. It was all a cynical scheme to drive public sentiment against companies like Google and to give unions more power.

Like all unionists, Alper is a liar, a thug, and as crooked as the day is long.

So, what do you think? Have you run across union liars like Alper?

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