Knockout? It’s the Jooooooooooos fault.

So there.

So says new New York City Councilminority Laurie Cumbo.  Which should end any discussion.

Ms. Cumbo took to her Facebook page last week to note

…that black residents in Crown Heights feared being “pushed out by their Jewish landlords.”

Once again the “black community” are victims of the white and Joooooooooooish power structure.  The important thing to be clear about is that Ms. Cumbo is not anti-Semitic in any way shape or form.

She said she admires Jewish people, but added: “The accomplishments of the Jewish community triggers feelings of resentment, and a sense that Jewish success is not also their success.”

I’m sure when the riots start in Crown Heights, the Jewish residents will take comfort in her admiration for them.  Until they defend themselves, of course.

There’s something that Ms. Cumbo needs to understand.  She seems to think that the “black community” resents the Jewish community because they – the blacks – don’t think that Jewish success is their success.  Here’s an epiphany for you Ms. C, IT ISN’T.

Jews are successful because they have never tried to make ends meet by claiming that other people owed them.  They work hard.  They are educated.  They are resourceful.  They earn money and they save and invest.  They start and run businesses.  And they manage to do all of this even though they are easily the most reviled, most discriminated against, and most targeted people ever to walk the earth.

Your so-called “black community” is nothing but a breeding ground – quite literally – for gangsters, law breakers, victim-class takers, lay bouts, and welfare queens.

You, Ms. C, are not the first race-hustler to try to turn Crown Heights into a bonfire.  Al Sharpton came close to accomplishing the task, and he used the Jooooooooooos too.

Such textbook apologetics and excuses for crime hearken back to a different and far worse time for New York City, as does the nauseating stench of Cumbo’s classic anti-Semitic stew.

It was in the very neighborhood Cumbo now represents that the worst anti-Jewish event in modern American history took place: A three-day riot in 1991 following the accidental killing of an African-American child by a limousine driven by a Hasidic man. Two men were killed, stores were looted, and homes were targeted by Molotov-cocktail throwers through spotting the mezuzot on the doorfames. It was a shattering event for the city, not least because the mayor at the time, David Dinkins, seemed to feel as though he was powerless to act as the riot spread. His conduct during Crown Heights was so shameful it came to be one of the key reasons Rudy Giuliani ousted Dinkins from City Hall—even though the election took place two years later.

New York City is under new management.  They have a new progressive mayor, Bill DiBlasio, who makes David Dinkins look like a Tea Party favorite, and a council where Cumbo won’t stand out in her progressivism or called out for her clearly anti-Semitic views.

New York City is a riot waiting to happen.

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