The truth about Common Core

Ethan Young is a senior in high school. He made a wonderful presentation to the Knox County Tennessee school board about Common Core. It’s a wonderfully researched presentation and challenged the school board to research and disprove his claims. They haven’t.

Common Core is the education equivalent of ObamaCare, I’ve referred to it as “ObamaCore” because the US Department of Education and the Obama administration – and the Bush administration before it with No Child Left Behind – are simply building a centrally planned, one size fits all, education model for the nation.

All central planning has done for the nation so far has reduce standards and raise costs in every endeavor with which they’ve gotten involved. Look at the difference between the value of a high school diploma in the 70s and early 80s versus the value of that same diploma today.

New York City, as with every major city, graduates people from high school who can’t read or make change. Last year 80% of the New York City high school graduating class required remedial help in reading and/or math to enter community college. Cost per student in 2012? $19,000.

New York City is not an outlier. They are pretty much the norm. School systems are overrun with administrators, counselors, every kind of employee but teachers. Their jobs? Filling out federal and state forms to make sure they maximize their funding. Making sure every student fits a bureaucratic notion of the appropriate “one size”.

The only thing that will fix the public school system, produce graduates who can actually function academically, and restore the value of a high school diploma is competition. Offering parents vouchers and letting them choose the school system of their choice for their kids will take the focus off of satisfying regulators and put it back on satisfying kids and their parents, the actual consumers of the education product.

Is there someone out there who will stand with Ethan Young and repudiate Common Core, ObamaCore, demand local control – and local funding – for their schools, and demand accountability from their local school systems?

Let us know what you think needs to be done.

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