The next generation’s education…

I’ve been accused, more than once, of being hard on America’s teachers.

Just for the record, and so we’re clear up front, I think America’s public school teachers are:

  • Under-educated – a degree in education is not sufficient to qualify a person to empty trash cans;
  • Under-worked – teaching public school is a part-time job;
  • Dramatically over-paid – unionized public school teachers in Chicago, for instance, cost the city nearly $100,000 and Chicago’s HS “graduates” read, typically, at 6th grade level.

Now that that is out of the way, before you put out a contract on me, watch this gem. It was shot by a student at a suburban high school in Washington State. A suburban school. One with motivated students and classy parents who are certainly involved in their children’s lives and their education. Not one of those ghetto schools.

Oh, and Common Core is nothing more than a project by progressive foundations and the US Department of Education to turn schools into the equivalent of reeducation camps for kids. Maybe we’ll be calling “schools” “pre-education camps” in the near future.

NOW, if you’d like to argue, please feel free to comment, I will respond.

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