New Jersey Family Denies They Stiffed Gay Waitress, Left No Anti-Gay Note

Early in November a gay waitress in a New Jersey restaurant claimed that some diners left her a nasty, anti-gay note and no tip upon paying their bill. The story went viral, but a new report casts heavy doubt on the story the waitress told.

Dayna Morales, a server at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, N.J., claimed that on November 13 some customers left a note on their dinner receipt informing her that her “lifestyle” offended them and because of that they wouldn’t be leaving a tip.

Morales, a former U.S. Marine, quickly posted a copy of the receipt with the hand written note on it to her Facebook page.

After that the story went viral and it wasn’t long before the waitress received thousands in donations as her plight became a cause célèbre for the gay community.

Morales has claimed that she would donate the money to the Wounded Warrior Project.

But now a New Jersey family told the NBC affiliate in New York that they are sure that the receipt posted on the internet was their dinner bill and it has been doctored. Further they have a copy of their receipt that shows they did, indeed, leave a tip.

The unidentified family says that the time stamps and dates on the Internet receipt and their own receipt are exactly the same.

The couple proved their case to the TV news by showing that their credit card statement shows that the tip was paid.

The couple told NBC that they think their receipt has been used to perpetrate a hoax.

NBC confronted Morales and found that she is sticking with her story and claiming ignorance of the tip being paid despite the evidence from the credit card statement. The restaurant was also confronted and had no explanation.

“I think there’s enough hate and intolerance in the world that to create it when it wasn’t there is shameful and dishonorable,” the wife told NBC.

Finally, the family thinks that this all stemmed from a misunderstanding. They thought they heard that their server’s name was “Dan,” not Dayna and they called her “Dan” at first until the server brusquely corrected them. The family thinks that Dayna was offended by what she thought was ill treatment by her customers and made up the story to get back at them.

After all this came out several reporters began to look closer at Morales and found that her claims of being a Marine that served in Afghanistan is also a lie.

The only overseas service she ever saw was as an administrative specialist in Romania.

The military isn’t the only one calling Morales a liar. Some of her acquaintances are saying she is always telling outrageous stories.

The gay community was taken in by a liar, but they jumped to the story in seconds flat, didn’t they?

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