12 Reasons Why Barack Obama is NOT One of the Best Presidents Ever * Part 2

Last week I took down the first four reasons given by one Matthew Lynch, Ed.D who wrote one of the most insipid articles about anybody I’ve ever read. The incarnate stupidity of the piece should forever diminish the worth of an Ed.D. degree and should give real pause as to the qualifications of the people who are running so-called “schools of education”.

I’m doing this in multiple parts because 1) my stomach can only stand so much of this stupidity at a time; 2) it would be way too long for anybody without a doctorate in education to read in one sitting; 3) it provides a reminder over a period of time of just how smitten, and just how stupid, President Obama’s true believers really are.

Again, here’s the opening that I almost didn’t make it through.

I have yet to find the words to describe the overwhelming sense of satisfaction I felt on Nov. 4, 2008 when Obama won the popular vote by 53 percent. With tears in my eyes, and joy in my heart, I stood alongside people of color across the nation as we celebrated America’s first inauguration of a black president. As a young black man, I felt a true sense of patriotism as I witnessed our country rally together to show, finally, that we are more concerned about who is the most qualified man for the job, regardless of race or age.

You can refer back to Part One for my comments on that little piece of trash. Today, I’m taking on numbers five and six. Then I’m taking a shower with a wire brush.

5. He is for the middle class. Here are just a few of the comments made by President Barack Obama in recent months: “Rebuilding our economy starts with strengthening the middle class. Extending tax breaks on 98 percent of families now would give hardworking Americans the security and confidence they need.”

In the world of absolute “damned lies” that ranks right up there with “If you like your insurance…”. The President is pretty good at reading lofty sounding words off his teleprompter. It’s after that that things tend to go to hell in a handcart. Talk is cheap Dr. Lynch and Barack Obama’s talk is especially cheap and almost always followed with actions that run counter to his talk. Here’s what his policies have actually DONE for Americans.

1. Let’s talk about that recovery! Heck, let’s let Forbes magazine talk about it.

If mismanaging an economic recovery were an Olympic event, President Obama would be standing on the middle platform right now, accepting the gold medal.

Deep recessions are supposed to be followed by strong recoveries, but, under Obama, the worst recession since the 1930s has been followed by the slowest economic recovery in the history of the republic. In a very real sense, there has been no recovery at all—things are still getting worse.

Read the whole article, that’s the good part.

In other words, the President’s economic policies are a big flat bust and have done exactly nothing good for the middle class.

2. How about the poor people he’s helping? Helping? Actually, Obama’s policies are MAKING people poor, again, from Forbes.

[A]fter more than 4 years of the alleged Obama recovery, incomes for blacks, Hispanics, single women, young workers, and less educated, lower income workers have continued to drop sharply. Incomes for the middle class, which Obama has touted as the “North Star” of his economic policies, have also declined continuously throughout Obama’s misnamed ‘recovery.’ […]

These results represent Obama’s ongoing fundamental transformation of America, from an historic, world leading, economic and military superpower, to a third world banana republic like Argentina.

Again, please read the whole article.

There’s lots more on this particular subject, I could write a hefty tome on it, but I won’t. I’ll just note the swing from full-time jobs to part-time, the fact that 10 million people have left the workforce, and then there’s food stamps. That’s just a start. Dr. Lynch, you don’t have a clue how to do research.

6.  He is for women’s rights. Obama’s very first executive action as President was to sign the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, a bill specifically designed to annihilate wage discrimination barriers for women.

Annihilate? Were you hyperventilating when you typed that, Dr. Lynch? OK, so President Obama annihilated those wage discrimination barriers for women.

All of President Barack Obama’s employees may not be treated equally in the White House, as recently released financial records show that female employees earn significantly less than their male counterparts.

Using the 2011 annual report of White House staff salaries that was submitted to Congress, an $11,000 difference is clear between the median female employee salary and the median male employee salary. […]

This is not the first time that a pay disparity has been present in Mr Obama’s White House, as it started as soon as his time in office did.

In 2009, women made 89 cents for every dollar that men made in ‘the People’s House’.

On average, that came out to $9,390 less.

Barack Obama is a Class A hypocrite on women’s rights (along with about everything else), and you, Dr. Lynch, are an ignorant enabler.

OK, I’m off to the shower. I may have a bottle of scotch first though. We’ll do this again next week and I’m not particularly looking forward to it, I just do it so my faithful readers won’t have to.

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