Texas Cops Illegally Stopping Drivers Demanding Blood, Saliva, Breath Tests

A report from North Texas reveals that the federal government is creating illegal roadblocks in 30 cities demanding that drivers give them blood samples, cheek swabs for DNA, and/or breathalyzer tests.

NBC TV in Dallas Fort Worth revealed a woman who told them that she was waved over to a parking lot by Fort Worth police. Once in the parking lot government workers demanded that she give them DNA or blood.

The drivers were told everything was voluntary and that no testing would be done without their consent but that turned out to be a lie as the consent form clearly shows that testing was done by a remote testing device as the drivers were approached and even before they were told why they were pulled over.

NBC had a civil liberties expert tell them that this was all quite illegal. Police cannot randomly pull people over without cause.

But what made this even worse is that the police involved were abusing their authority because thy were off duty cops hired by the federal government to act as the heavies in this little illicit enterprise. These cops weren’t even on duty and cloaked in the authority of the law as they forced drivers to pull over.

NBC learned that the roadblocks were sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is spending $7.9 million on the survey over three years in thirty different cities.

Americans should realize that they are under no obligation to pull over into these illegal information mining operations and should pass them by without obeying the off duty cops who are illegally using the cloak of authority to pull people over.

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