Rare Obamacare Success Story: A Dog in Colorado Gets Insured

Obamacare has been an absolute disaster all across the United States. Millions of Americans have lost their insurance due to the new rules that Obama put in place with his Obamacare law. But there is one success to report. In Colorado a man just learned that his dog got covered by Obamacare.

A man in Fort Collins, Colorado, received an interesting letter in the mail from his Obamacare administrators. His 14-year-old Yorkie dog got covered by Obamacare.

As Fox 31, Denver, reports, “Shane Smith, of Fort Collins, says his dog Baxter received a letter informing him that a health insurance account had been opened in his name through Connect for Health Colorado.”

“I thought, ‘Wow, this is so awesome,'” Smith told the media. “They have gone out of their way to insure my 14-year-old Yorkie.”

Mr. Smith also told the TV folks that he tried to call in and have Baxter removed from the system because, after all, he’s a dog, not a person.

“They fixed it … I think they fixed it,” he said.

The TV newsers said that Connect for Health Colorado wouldn’t comment on the specific letter sent to Baxter the dog, but a spokesperson did release the following statement:

“In general, our letters to customers are generated according to information that is provided by the customer into the system either online or over the phone. In other words, our system does not make up a name when generating a letter. As with any new system, mistakes are possible and when notified by customers, we work quickly to resolve the situation.”


As millions of Americans lose their insurance Obama insures a dog in Colorado.

Obamacare is going to the dogs in more ways than one.

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