Atheists Force School to Cancel Christmas Toy Drive Because: Religion

A school in South Carolina has been forced to cancel its annual toy collection drive for the charity Operation Christmas Child by atheists who claim that the event is “religious” and therefore should not be allowed.

For the past three years East Point Academy in West Columbia, S.C., has been participating in the toy drive for needy children. But this year the school has had to cancel their participation because an atheist group sent a letter to the school threatening to sue over the false “separation of church and state” issue.

School principal, Renee Mathews, is flabbergasted by the absurd letter saying that the only “religious” part of the toy drive is the word “Christmas” in its title. Otherwise there is not a single mention of religion in anything concerning the event. It’s just a toy drive for needy kids.

“There’s no religious literature tied with it,” Mathews told WTSP News. “There’s no speakers who come. There’s no religious affiliation at all.”

But this isn’t good enough for the atheists. The group the American Humanist Association insists that it is all caught up with religion and must be ended because, they say, it is unconstitutional.

“The letter was very explicit that there would be litigation against us if we did not stop,” said principal Mathews.

Principal Mathews says she never got a single complaint about the toy drive in the three years they’ve participated in the Operation Christmas Child charity.

The atheist group, however, says that the charity is meant to “induce impoverished children to convert to Christianity” and it violates the Constitution for a public school to get involved with the group.

So, what are we seeing here? We are seeing that atheists hate kids, I suppose.

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