And Barack thought buying insurance was hard…

Last week during the President’s pathetic little healthcare apology tour he noted that he and his crack staff had a revelation, buying insurance is just plain hard. I’m only a little surprised that a 52 year old man could make that statement, but, affirmative action grades from Columbia and Harvard aside, he isn’t the brightest bulb in the box.

Well, this week the President has come, or is coming to another revelation. Telling insurance companies and state insurance commissioners makes buying insurance a walk in the park.

The President, having no actual business experience himself, made the decision that he should entrust this little project – the “signature issue” of his Presidency – to a bunch of people who, like him, have no experience in business or even in healthcare. It’s like a community organizer homecoming when they all get together.

The President’s style over the last five years has been to shoot from the hip whoops, he’s against guns, pull things out of his shorts on all sorts of policy issues. After all, the whole ObamaCare schtick wasn’t exactly well thought out, it came from an offhand remark at a rally. Up until now he’s been able to get away with making things up, but this is different because there’s an actual short-term performance measure that people are watching.

So, let’s get back to the latest thing that he freed from his shorts, the “OK, you CAN keep your damn plan…” from his press conference last week. The problem for the President is a little dicey this time around though. He’s not dealing with forcing people to buy insurance that HE likes, this time he’s trying to force insurance companies to reinstate policies that they cancelled as a result of the Law of the Land, the Affordable Care Act. Those policies didn’t meet the minimum requirements under the law and fell outside the “grandfather clause” rule so the companies (bad apples that they are) cancelled them. In accordance with the Law of the Land.

In addition to the pesky insurance companies, he’s got to deal with the state insurance commissioners who have the responsibility to regulate the industry in their states.

The President got the commissioners together for a beer summit and basically the beer was flat. The insurance companies have pretty much been silent, but they’ve made a couple of bland statements that work out, in insurance-speak to “the guy is insane”.

Several states have told the President to pound sand, places like NY, VT, MA, MN, WA – a whole bunch of blue states. Today though, was the cap on the bottle.

The board overseeing California’s health insurance exchange has voted to stick with its current approach of phasing out by year’s end health insurance policies that do not meet current benefit requirements.

The Covered California Board of Directors voted 5-0 on Thursday to hold steady on its current approach, defying President Barack Obama’s recent flip on one crucial aspect of the Affordable Care Act.

Whoops, guess where most of the uninsured folks live.

When you’re a “progressive” and you’ve lost California, well, you’ve lost.

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