Disappointed Obamacare Lover Jessica Sanford is the Perfect Low Information Voter

Jessica Sanford was running totally on faith, not knowledge, until she got sandbagged by Obama’s unaffordable care act. But even after she found out that Obama screwed her over she still invoked her religious belief in the man. It was never his fault, you see?

Jessica Sanford was on a high on October 21. She had gone through the effort to logon and navigate through the Obamacare website in her Washington State home and found that she qualified for a gold level insurance plan at a mere $169 a month (yaaaa, Jessica) the taxpayers picking up the rest (yaaaa, us).

Her high got still higher after she wrote a nice thank you note to the President and he actually read it to the nation in a November 21 press conference to tout his wonderful healthcare law.

But then she got a letter from her state insurance exchange that was sad to inform her that they made a teensy tinsey mistake. She really didn’t qualify for the gold plan and all that taxpayer funded assistance.

So she tried again and found a little worse plan for a little more out of her own pocket, but still with taxpayer cash floating her lifestyle.

And it kept rolling downhill.

That was a mistake, too, and that wasn’t the only one. It just kept getting worse.

Well, I won’t bore you with the many other things that happened to her. What is most important–and funny–is Mz Sanford’s reaction to all this.

Firstly she is totally flabbergasted that this all happened to her, a good Obama foot soldier.

When finally informed that she didn’t qualify for any freebies, Sanford was “dumfounded.”

“I was dumbfounded. I thought this was a total mistake, they’re going to correct this — this isn’t true. How could I not qualify for a tax credit? I make under $50,000 a year. There’s got to be something. So I got ahold of my broker, and a couple of days later he called me back, and he told me that no, it was true.”

If she took the time to do a bit of research instead of going by her faith that being a good little Obama brown shirt was all she needed for a wealth of freebies, she would have realized that her near $50,000 a year is lose to the national average and in that case she makes far too much to qualify for subsidies.

The subsidies only go to people just above the poverty level, a level which, for single people, is less than $11,500 annually. $50,000 is not $11,500.

So, let’s recap. Jessica went into her Obamacare experience with a religious belief that because she was a faithful Obamaist she would be showered with freebies paid for by others. Then she found out that SHE was the one Obama expected to pay for everyone else.

But does Jessica blame her Svengali?


Like all true believers in the messiah she believes it’s someone else’s fault.

“I don’t want this to be a political thing,” this doltish woman said to the media.

“I don’t want to be bashing the president. I don’t want to be bashing the ACA. I don’t want to come across as saying that. I am a big Obama fan,” she blathered.

“But to me there is a big problem with the way the state is handling it. It is like a big machine – you put your stuff in there and once you do it, it is impossible to do anything. You can’t get through to them [on the phone], the website is really limited. So you are stuck on this big treadmill of bureaucracy, and you know, it feels very out of control.”

Notice she blames the state. But the reason the state had to do all this, the reason it is all not working, is because of what Obama demanded of them. None of this would be happening if it weren’t for Obama.

Regardless, the religion stays strong despite all the proof that this woman was taken for a fool. She still has her 100% belief in Obama the messiah.

Truth, facts. reality, trustworthiness, none of this matters to a religious Obamaite.

And Jessica is a gooood fanatic.

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