“Benghazi? It’s just a Fox story, don’t pay any attention there…”

“Really? Like ObamaCare?”

Score a big one for Megyn Kelly who is doing the Lord’s work on Benghazi.

Fourteen months ago the House Intelligence Committee asked the State Department that they wanted to interview the survivors from the Benghazi attacks. Fourteen months of stonewalling and five of the survivors finally were given the opportunity to be heard in a closed hearing of the Intelligence Committee. Committee Chair Mike Rogers (R, MI) discussed their testimony with Megyn Kelly.

Kelly’s first question to Rogers, were you stonewalled by the State Department? Rogers answer, yes.

Kelly then asked Rogers whether the fighting was constant or was there breaks. This is important because, as Kelly pointed out, State has a counterterrorism team that is normally dispatched when assets are attacked and it was held back. The administration says the attack stopped and they thought it was over so they didn’t send the team.

Rogers said that it appears that there were intervals in the fighting. Another member of the Committee, Devin Nunes (R, CA), said earlier that in his opinion there was no break in the attack. It will be interesting to see where this shakes out and the Committee has transcripts of the testimony that they will be reviewing over the next few weeks.

Kelly next brought up the rumor that the survivors were forced (asked?) to sign new non-disclosure agreements related to Benghazi. Rogers noted that there can be reasons to sign new or revised non-disclosures (every CIA employee signs on when they are hired) it was unusual that they were given the new agreements on the day they returned to Washington for the memorial service. As Kelly noted, “this doesn’t pass the smell test” and Rogers agreed and the Committee will be looking into this issue.

Here’s the next segment, pay close attention to Rogers.

Why. Why indeed. Let’s see how long the State Department and the White House can stonewall that question.

Kelly goes on to ask Rogers about the fact that Ambassador Stevens had testified before the House Intelligence Committee before he went to Libya.

Why did the Ambassador testify? What did he say? We likely won’t be enjoying transparency on that question, and the even bigger question comes from Charles Krauthammer.

What was the President doing during those eight hours our consulate was under attack, during those eight hours when brave men disregarded direct orders to save the lives of others, during those eight hours when a United States Ambassador was being murdered. Those eight hours when the President called the Secretary of State – that would be Hillary Clinton – and she informs the press that a Islamophobic film maker was the cause of the attack.

After all, at this point what difference does it make?

Give them hell Representative Rogers, to paraphrase Chesty Puller (warning: link is written in the language of USMC infantry), the enemy has you surrounded you can’t miss them.

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