Rep. Pelosi Lies, Claims Obamacare had 5 Times More Enrollees Than it Actually Does

In case you forgot about her (and who wouldn’t want to forget about her) Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi is still out there lying with the best–or worst–of them. This time Pelosi is claiming that 500,000 Americans signed up for Obamacare when even Obama’s own numbers state that only 100,000 did so.

Pelosi was once the Speaker of the House of Representatives, now, thankfully, she is a minority leader with little power or influence. But she is still spinning left-wing lies and this one is a whopper.

Pelosi–or as some wags call her “Pelousey”–took to Twitter to trumpet the many hundreds of thousands of new enrollees in Obamacare.

But, even the Department of Health and Human services from Obama’s own administration is saying that only 100,000 were able to sign up and get new insurance.

HHS says that only 106,185 people were able to pick a new plan from Obamacre as of November 2. THat is a far cry from the 500,000 Pelosi said signed up.

This means Pelousey inflated the numbers by 400,000 people!!

You may remember one of the many stupid things that Pelosi said was that we had to pass Obamacare to “see what’s in it” (as seen in the video above). This, of course, was a 100% admission that no one voting on the bill had any clue what they were voting on.

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