Destroying a nation one kid at a time, Part 5 – For Being A Boy

This is a series and we’re looking at how the feminization of our society is destroying our kids and our nation. Our lives are being turned into a laboratory for politically correctness, a place where the feminist bullies are pushing every envelope they can find to turn the nation into something that likely has the founders to spin in their graves. Our schools have become an especially deadly place for our kids, especially our sons.

Boys across America are losing ground. It’s a situation so dire that three dozen national experts have formed a bipartisan commission to bolster their proposal that President Obama establish a White House Council on Boys and Men. There’s already one for females, focused on education, health and career.

The proposal and the research backing it say boys are at a crisis point in education, in physical and emotional health, in employment and in the lack of dads participating in their lives. Boys are losing ground in schools geared to how girls learn and too many are growing up without male mentors in either homes or classrooms. Name a daunting number — higher suicide rates, how many drop out of high school or graduate from college or even take medication for attention deficit — and girls fare better than boys.

Part 5: Being a Boy is Verboten!

You’ve heard it before – you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater.

So what happens when you yell ‘bingo’ in a crowded bingo hall?

Well, one northern Kentucky teen found out the hard way.


It began at the Pike Street Bingo Hall as mostly elderly women played a game, Whaley walked in & hollered, “Bingo”.

“They just looked at me, then looked back down,” said Whaley.

Park Hills officer Richard Webster sprang into action.

“He grabbed my hand, handcuffed me, takes me to the back of his cruiser,” said Whaley.

The citation reads the ‘violator’ caused ‘alarm to patrons’.

Officer Webster, you’re an arrogant jackass. The judge, who was sympathetic, is also an ignorant jackass. Justice would have been to release young Mr. Whaley and give the damn, brain-dead, arrogant, power-mad cop 30 days at hard labor. Preferably in a general population of people he’d arrested.

Society may be harmful to your child’s health. And there’s no question that cops like officer Webster are harmful to good order and to building respect for authority.

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