President Obama and the Navigators

In case you’ve been distracted for the last six weeks, the vaunted website that President Obama had built so that the “uninsured” could buy affordable health insurance doesn’t work. The Department of Health and Human Services (an oxymoron that will certainly replace “military intelligence”) refuses to tell us just how many people have actually been able to get an insurance policy six weeks into the program. I suspect that could be because, according to insider reports, they are at about three percent – 3% – of their target to date.

Anyway, the President is in a bind because nobody can sign up. Taking the bullsh*t by the horns, he’s meeting with “navigators” around the country to encourage them to work with individuals, filling out paper applications so that “when” the website is working – hey! did you see that unicorn fly by? – they can enter their information and get insured. Here he is in Dallas…

“[C]ommitted folks who are helping people to sign up. Got that? Committed folks. Let’s meet some of those “committed folks”. Thanks, again, to the fantastic investigative journalism by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas – doing the real journalism that the major media refuses to do – we get a glimpse inside the Obama Fraud Machine.

James went to Dallas with his hearty band of reporters and they talked to navigators, you know, those folks that the President charged with making sure his ObamaCare nightmare stays confined to Elm Street. Have a listen, these navigators are in Texas, the very ones that the President was encouraging to save his, whatever…

Got that? Lakisha and Sabrina and company – who we will be told hadn’t finished their training and have since been fired – are encouraging people to lie on their ObamaCare applications to maximize their subsidies and to file false tax returns. Nice.

I’m going to be anticipating the IRS and the HHS will both be sending SWAT teams (yes, they both have SWAT teams) into those offices and arresting people. Well, as soon as they get done harassing conservative groups so they can free up the manpower that the Republican sequester has limited.

Great work James! And there’s more to come. We’ve got more clips from James first video just in case you’re not mad enough right now and James, as always, has more coming.

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