Do We Have a Chance to Remake the GOP as a Conservative Party?

There are a few facts about the current political climate that are 100 percent beyond question. One is that the GOP establishment hates Tea Partiers and conservatives far more than they hate Democrats. Secondly, if there is amnesty for illegals, the GOP will become a permanent minority party. So, if amnesty arrives perhaps we have the opportunity to eliminate moderate Republicans and remake the GOP as a truly conservative party for the first time in history?

So, the latter part of my first paragraph is an admission of sorts. The Republican Party has never been a truly conservative party. It really is the moderate, establishment’s party, not ours. Granted, when founded the GOP was actually the radical party. It was for the elimination of slavery, not the tolerance of it. There was little mincing words with the so-called “black Republican” Party. But its post Civil War incarnation is what it’s been for most of its history.

As it evolved after the North won the Civil War, the GOP became the party of big business. At the time that was essentially the “conservative” position to take, but the fact is one cannot use the words “conservative” and “liberal” to describe American politics until FDR began his assault on the business sector and George McGovern put the final anti-American nail in the Democrat Party’s coffin.

The GOP did finally start edging toward constitution-based conservatism when Goldwater ran and won the GOP nomination in 1964. That drift toward conservatism was reinforced by Ronald Reagan who brought conservatives into the party as an actual power base. But the establishment GOP has always hated, hated, hated conservatives, and still do. They hated Goldwater and sought to ruin him–and succeeded. They hated Reagan and tried to Goldwater him–but failed miserably.

Still, since Goldwater, conservatives have been struggling for a corner of the GOP with only marginal success, the establishment doing its level best to hamper them at every turn. Moderate, establishment Republicans fight harder to destroy conservatives than they ever do to hurt Democrats.

So, what about the future? Well, we might just have an opportunity, here. We might just possibly have the opportunity to put the nail in the establishment’s coffin and turn the Republican Party into a real conservative party for the first time ever.

After all, why not? If the self-defeating moderates join the Democrats in forcing amnesty on this country, they will have ended any chance that the Republicans will be anything but a small, regional party confined to the south and a few parts of the west. The GOP will become a permanent minority party never having enough office holders to wield power in Washington as millions of Hispanics turn to the Democrat Party for a constant flow of freebies, handouts, and subsidies. Use California for your example.

Now, why not take this opportunity to excise the moderates from the GOP fold, remake the party into a true conservative party and rebuild from there for the future? If we are going to be in the wilderness for decades, anyway, why not fix this broken party with an eye toward the future?

I mean, if the GOP is not going to be able to win anything for the foreseeable future anyway, why not?

This, coupled with a concerted effort to re-take our schools from the anti-American left, could help rebuild an electorate that reveres the U.S. Constitution, loves Americanism, yearns for small government, low taxing and spending, and has a healthy respect for the law, all things the moderate Republicans–like their Democrat friends–disdain.

Well? Why not?

Finally, I should note specifically that this is all contingent on the mushy middle of the GOP allowing amnesty. If that doesn’t happen the GOP will still be a national party. But if amnesty does come about–and the moderates would truly love it to happen–we may as well make lemonade out of their lemons.

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