Obama Sent a ‘Get Out The Vote’ Message to Illinois Today, But Illinois Has No Election Today

John Ruberry over at Marathon Pundit caught an amusing report by Chicago’s local CBS affiliate that noted that President Obama’s perpetual campaign, this time the Democrat Party itself, is urging Illinois voters to get to those polls today. But there’s one little problem: Illinois has no elections today.

New York has elections. Virginians have elections. But Illinois does not.

Regardless, The Democrat Party sent out an email fundraiser to its Illinois members urging them to hurry up and go vote.

The message reads:

(name of recipient)

Decisions are made by those who show up. That is never truer than on Election Day And in Illinois, people like you have some important decisions to make.

The polls open tomorrow morning, which means it’s time to step up, make a plan for how you’re going vote, and stick to it.

Commit to vote now:

(Democrat Party website address)


Over at NakedDC, Emily has a screen shot of this email.

Do these people have any idea what they are doing?

Of course, we have to feel for the Euro-Democrat Party. They are spinning like tops trying to figure out how to dig Obama out of the giant hole of lies he’s dug for himself. So, hey Illinois, if you LIKE you Election Day, you can KEEP your Election Day… whenever the heck it is.

On the other hand, maybe we are being too hard on Obama? I mean, I’m sure no one told him there were no elections in Illinois today. He just found out today when the rest of us did.

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