Fallen Soldier on My Delta Flight

This story is not about “my” Delta flight. It is about something that most Americans never have any real contact with because most Americans don’t have family serving in the US military.

An old phrase about military service, in war time, goes:

All Gave SomeWe are a Marine Corps family, our son was in a SpOps unit. Our son came home safe but many haven’t and many more won’t. That is what this story is all about.

Delta Flight 2255 from Atlanta to Los Angeles seemed to be an ordinary flight with the exception of Candy, who was the most loving flight attendant I’ve ever encountered. Besides using her southern charm to quickly defuse every situation, she began her welcome announcement by thanking the handful of uniformed soldiers on-board for serving our country. Her poignant message was followed by applause and put into perspective that none of us would be able to do what we do if it wasn’t for these brave men and women.

But this transcontinental flight turned out to be everything but ordinary. We later learned, when the captain got on the PA system about 45 minutes prior to landing, that we were transporting a fallen soldier. The plane went quiet as he explained that there was a military escort on-board and asked that everyone remain seated for a couple of minutes so the soldiers could get off first.

Please read the whole story.

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And the next time you see an active duty serviceman in a restaurant, pick up their tab. We’re in a war whether the current administration or the major media wants to admit it or not.

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