Lois Lerner and Really Cushy Deals

I’m going to assume that you know who Lois Lerner is. If the name is unfamiliar, consult Mr. Google before continuing.

OK, so we all remember Lois getting called back before the oversight committee and insisting she “didn’t do anything wrong” and then copping the 5th so she didn’t have to actually talk about what she hadn’t done wrong.

Then, she was put on “paid administrative leave”. That phrase is code for “take a vacation while we sort out this mess you’ve made” “bitch”.

So, she got to stay home for a while – still accessing her IRS email account and who knows what other stuff – watching As the World Turns and sitting around in her PJs [where’s my eye bleach?] – and collecting her government pittance of something a tad greater than $177,000 per year.

Then, after a while, she “retired”.

Now, she’s collecting a pension. After all, she faithfully served as a public servant for 34 years in various functions of the federal government. I’m sure her leadership, probably all the way up to the Oval Office, considered her pension well-earned and wished her well in her retirement.

OK, now we’re all up to date, so what’s new?

Well, thanks to the meddlesome folks over at Judicial Watch who pushed for a FOIA release of her emails, it turns out that Lois had been a busy little beaver over at the IRS.

The Internal Revenue Service shared highly confidential tax information of several Tea Party groups in the IRS scandal with the Federal Election Commission, a clear violation of federal law, according to newly obtained emails.

The public watchdog group Judicial Watch told Secrets Thursday that it was former scandal boss Lois Lerner who shared the information on groups including the American Future Fund and the American Issues Project.

The emails obtained by Judicial Watch show that the IRS, which was considering the tax status of the groups, gave the FEC the tax returns of the groups, including income, expenditures and staff pay. The emails also revealed the exact working of the prying political questions the IRS wanted the groups to reveal, such as their goals and the requests for brochures and ads.

It’s worth reading the whole article, with adult beverage handy.

In other words, Ms. Lerner, prior to her retirement for important services rendered to the nation, committed a series of felonies by releasing confidential taxpayer information.

I can’t wait to see what happens. Any investigations and referrals for prosecution will have to come from Eric Holder’s Department of “Justice”.

In the meantime, Ms. Lerner is struggling to get by on her federal government retirement check. Which, by the way, looks like this:

National Taxpayers Union calculations show that Lerner could qualify for a starting pension at the annual equivalent of as much as $102,600, and up to $3.96 million over her lifetime.

Let’s see. Let her collect about four million buckos for exemplary service to the taxpayers or prosecute the bitch? Personally, I think four mil is a pretty good incentive to stay under the radar for the next three years because I’m pretty sure the Department of “Justice” won’t be investigating or prosecuting.

Anybody know what the statute of limitations on this stuff is?

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