VIDEO: A Montage of Obama ‘You Can Keep Your Insurance’ Lies

This is devastating. New York Magazine compiled a video showing the many times that President Obama lied directly to the American people and said that with his Obamacare scheme we all could keep our insurance policies and doctors if we like them. This, of course, was a bald-faced lie and this video shows that Obama uttered this lie dozens of times over the last few years.

As the left-wing magazine notes, “Obama did knowingly make an overly simplistic guarantee to the American people that Obamacare wouldn’t affect their current plans. And as this video compilation shows, he made this guarantee over and over again.”

Earlier I reported on how Fox News’ Megyn Kelly slammed Democrat strategist Mark Hannah for trying to pretend that Obama didn’t really lie. But the truth is he lied. Period.

But, you know things are getting bad for emperor Obama when even his kept media is pointing out his lies and New York Magazine isn’t the only one. Even NSNBC took after the President for his obvious lies.

Obama doesn’t know. Just ask him. When ever some crisis occurs, when ever some scandal erupts, when ever some lie the administration told is exposed… Obama doesn’t ever seem to know anything about it. Why, he “just found out” about whatever is in the news just when the rest of America did. At least this is the lie we are told by Obama and his minions. Now MSNBC, of all places, created a montage (seen above) of just some of these “I didn’t know” lies Obama foisted on America.

Couple this little video montage–and the video represents only a few of the times Obama claimed to be caught by surprise about current events–with all the lies Obama himself directly told about Obamacare and we have a president that has to be the biggest liar in American history.

Yet, the Old Media establishment refuses to hold this blatant, bald-faced liar accountable to the American people.

We need to rename this song “Obama doesn’t know”…

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