Things I Wish I’d Written…

OuchEvery once in a while I read something and I just kick myself that I didn’t write it. Heck, sometimes I’m a tad angry at God that he just made me extraordinarily handsome and didn’t give me the ability to write like, well, today, Peter Wehener.

Today, in Commentary, Peter takes on President Obama. Now I will note that the President is an increasingly easy target these days an even the occasional no-talent hack can score points on him. But today, Peter’s words will leave a mark, don’t expect to see the President running around without a shirt for a while until he heals up.

I would encourage you to click the above link and read the whole thing, because it’s all a thing of beauty. But just to tease you, here’s the part that drove me to a fit of jealousy.

Peter is discussing the President’s drive to avoid the truth. ( In the picture, Peter would be the one on the right.)

We have as president a man who routinely slanders his political opponents, distorting what they believe, even as he bemoans the lack of civility in public discourse. He constantly makes assertions that are obviously untrue. And it doesn’t matter to him. He keeps doing it because, at least until now, the media has given him something approaching a free pass.

I have no idea if Mr. Obama was born mendacious or whether he learned the habit somewhere along the way. What I do know is that Barack Obama is thoroughly post-modern. Words and facts have no objective standing with him; they are socially constructed, unmoored, infinitely malleable, a way to create his own reality and advance his own self-interest.

Here’s some free advice. Don’t piss Peter Wehener off.

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