President Whatever?

You can’t make this stuff up. At least I can’t.

The Secretary of Health and Human Services (for the moment) Kathleen Sebelius testified before the House today. She was questioned by a couple of committees and a book could be easily written about the farce.

In preparation for viewing the short video below, remember that Sebelius is the same person who said, in reference to the fact that lots of people are calling for her resignation over the ObamaCare website fiasco, that those calling for her head are “…people I don’t work for.”

Well, today under questioning by Republicans (Democrats for the most part made speeches extolling ObamaCare), when asked about her meetings with President Obama, noted that she’d given him regular briefings on the ObamaCare roll out but hadn’t gotten into the details with him.

[Excuse me for a second, I’m stopping to vomit]

[There, much better]

She was pressed and this was the result.

Whatever. Whatever! Whatever?????

Actually, it’s WTF??

The nation is in the best of hands. Or something.

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