The problem with higher education is…

… every child left behind. And the University of Georgia is leading the way to a cowardly new world. I didn’t make this up and you’re not reading The Onion.

The University of Georgia is holding “Social Justice Week” which is typically a platform for the aggrieved to whine about “equality” and parade “victims”. Well, U of G absolutely outdid themselves this year and have set a standard that may well live forever.

Every Child Left BehindWhat’s the point of going to college? Most people would agree that more education leads to more success, and that a more successful life is a good thing. Society looks to those who have been successful for inspiration, whether it’s success in sports, academics, business, or life. It’s been that way forever. It gives us, as individuals, a goal and a model to follow.

Well, apparently “success” is now a bad thing. Really.

The University of Georgia is leading the parade – and there surely will be a parade – with their Social Justice Week focus: NO MORE SUCCESS STORIES. Anderson Cooper is the poster boy for their crusade, saying “1 in a million means 999,999 left behind”. They had a “Dinner, dialogue, and making a difference” where you had the opportunity to “Come to our story-sharing panel and engage in diversity and minority empowerment, hear what it takes to become a success story in this country, and why we don’t want that any more [sic].”

Honest, I’m not making this up. This is from the UGA website announcing the event.

It seems like whenever a minority identifying individual “succeeds”, he or she is identified as a “success story.” We will be featuring successful members of different minorities speaking of their own story and success, with a focus on how this idea of “success story” shouldn’t exist. The idea that minority success is “outstanding” means it’s not the norm–we don’t want “success stories.” We just want stories.

What these fools can’t fathom, with their graduate degrees in Victims Studies, is that success stories are not the norm anywhere. That’s what makes them worth of modeling. But apparently, in the self-described “minority community” they would prefer to shoot for mediocre. Or worse. Or something. But God forbid they want to succeed.

This is a stark example of the difference between so-called progressives and us bitter-clingers. Progressives work to build a paradise where everyone (except them) is equal. And receiving all they need from the government, which is run by them. Us bitter-clingers, on the other hand, look at people as individuals with have the prospect to make decisions and choose a course that will improve their lot in life and become truly independent.

If you’d like a picture of the progressive’s perfect world, don’t read “1984”. Read Harrison Bergeron. It’ll only take a couple of minutes.

Higher education, destroying one mind at a time. With our tax dollars.

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