After 93 Years Church Throws Out Boy Scouts for Now Favoring Gays

After being associated with the Boy Scouts of America for 93 years, a church in Pennsylvania has ended its relationship because the venerable kids organization bent to left-wing pressure and is now allowing gays into the group.

The Aldan Union Church in Aldan, Pa. has told the Boy Scouts to take a hike because they’d rather not support gays.

“As a church, we have a responsibility to our convictions,” Rev. Paul Thompson told KYW radio.

This is exactly the point, too. The Bible is very clear that homosexuality is a sin. If the Scouts are now sponsoring members who are openly homosexual, that would absolutely violate Biblical principles. The church really had no choice.

Rev. Thompson goes on saying, “not in a way that oftentimes churches are accused of being homophobic if they teach that homosexuality is sin. If anybody reads the Bible they would have to understand that’s the position the Scriptures take.”

The Scouts will now be meeting at the nearby American Legion post which has agreed to take in Troop 2 and Cub Scouts Pack 2.

The Scouts are cutting their own throats by bowing to the pressure of militant gays. They should never have made this change to their policy.

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