Liberal Media Hypocrisy, Uses ‘Racist’ to Attack Sen. Ted Cruz

If you want an example of the hypocrisy of the left-wing media, there can be no better example than the sudden, new love that Mother Jones magazine has for a Republican that ten years ago they called a disgusting, hatemongering, racist, throw back to the civil war. Why do they love him? Because he’ll attack Senator Ted Cruz.

When Mississippi Senator Trent Lott’s political career was going up in smoke in 2002, the left-wing media excoriated him as a disgusting, hatemongering racist. They hated the man. But now that the extremists in the left-wing media want someone to attack Senator Ted Cruz, suddenly Trent Lott is good enough to run to for a quote or two.

Trent Lott used to be the Republican majority leader in the U.S. Senate. Decades ago he was a Democrat operative in the strongly segregationist state of Mississippi. After years in the Democrat trenches, Lott switched to the Republican Party to run for national office eventually becoming the state’s powerful Senator.

But Trent Lott never left his Democrat Party principals behind when he jettisoned his party. He was always a left leaning Republican, one who agreed with a lot of Democrat ideas. But he made a fatal mistake in 2002. He praised famed segregationist Senator Strom Thurmond at a party.

In short order, Lott was forced to step down from GOP leadership over the controversy raised in the liberal press. Only a few years later he left elected office altogether. The media won. Trent Lott was eliminated.

Immediately after he uttered the praise of a long-time Senate colleague, the media pounced. Lott became a white sheet-wearing, noose tightening, racist to everyone in the Old Media establishment and for the last few years of his political career he was excoriated as a racist. Mother Jones magazine led the pack in hate for Lott.

In 2002, MJ Mag posted a long piece detailing his “racist” comments as well as his homophobic comments. MJ writer Jonathan Steinl attacked Lott for years after the 2002 comment. In 2007, MJ writer Steve Brodner even celebrated Lott’s exit from Washington telling him, “don’t forget your noose.”

Trent Lott was seen as a hateful, monster that should be destroyed.

But flash forward to 2013 and suddenly Mother Jones magazine love Trent Lott. Why? Because Trent Lott hates today’s prominent conservative Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX).

Suddenly, because Lott thinks Ted Cruz is bad, MJ Mag thinks it is perfectly legitimate to quote a guy they claimed was a scumbag racist who added nothing worthwhile to the national debate, a politician that needed to be destroyed, a man that was all that was wrong in the Republican Party.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if someone I despised agreed with me on something as Trent Lott does with the media’s hatred of Ted Cruz, I’d find that something I’d rather not talk about. After all, if a hated figure agreed with ME o something, I think I’d just avoid advertising that reality. I mean, who wants to be seen on the same side as a racist like Trent Lott?

But suddenly MJ Mag thinks Trent Lott is a good guy because he thinks the GOP should “cut the legs” out from under Ted Cruz.

This is the hypocrisy of the left perfectly crystallized in one example.

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