Obama Threatens to Crash Global Economy Unless He Gets Everything He Wants

This is the most petulant, most arrogant president in American history and now he is threatening to purposefully crash the global economy unless the Republicans bend over backwards, betray their voters, and give Obama every political policy he wants.

Obama keeps claiming that he and his Eurocratic Democrat Party cohorts won’t “pay a ransom” over the current budget impasse in Washington DC. But with his sudden insistence that the GOP abandon the sequester cuts–the only real cuts the GOP has managed to put into place–then he’ll crash the US and global economies. So, essentially Obama is demanding a $1.1 trillion dollar ransom!

$1.1 trillion, as it happens, is what the sequester was going to save. Granted the sequester wasn’t really made up of anything other than cuts in the growth of federal spending, but still it was $1.1 trillion in spending that wasn’t going to happen.

But, now Obama is threatening to force the USA into default unless the GOP abandons even that tiny cut in spending.

You may recall that Obama was saying last week that it would be horrible if a Democrat Congress was threatening US default just to force a president to do their bidding; something he is (falsely) claiming that the GOP is doing. But here is Obama doing essentially the same thing; holding the country and the global economy hostage and now demanding a ransom of $1.1 trillion in higher spending (of money we don’t have) unless Congress bows to his every wish.

Obama has also continuously lied saying he’s willing to “talk” to anyone about any issue. Well, let me rephrase that. He’s certainly told the truth that he’s willing to merely “talk,” But he is a lair to lead Americans to believe that he will listen to a single word told to him and compromise his policy ideas based on such conversations. Barack Obama has never made a political compromise in his life. Not when he was in state government, not in Washington. He sees no reason to start now.

And he’s willing to destroy not only America’s economy to get his way, but he’s ready to destroy the world economy.

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