CNN’s British Import Piers Morgan Calls Gun Owners ‘Heartless Gun Nut Bastards’

CNN’s late evening TV host and British citizen Piers Morgan is slamming America’s gun owners again calling them “heartless gun nut bastards” on Twitter.

Morgan got angry when he discovered that Second Amendment supporters were trying to create a “guns save lives day” to be held on December 14.

It so happens that December 14 was the day that a crazed murderer killed 26 teachers and children at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

“Imagine the effect this ‘Guns Save Lives Day’ campaign will have on those poor Sandy Hook families, on that first anniversary,” Morgan Tweeted in outrage.

I hate to agree even a little with this insufferable, historically ignorant, Constitution-hating Brit, but he has a bit of a point, here.

As a huge supporter of the Second Amendment I have to admit that trying to put this day on the calendar to support our rights to self-protection on the same day as the Sandy Hook crime was simply a horrible idea.

But to claim that this misguided choice of a date by gun enthusiasts was made from “heartlessness” is a step too far.

Still it isn’t likely that such a day can be set before that first anniversary arrives. It is only a few months away and it won’t get done before then.

Regardless, Morgan’s constant uninformed attacks on our way of life are not wanted. And I don’t say that just as a “gun nut” but can base my opinion on Morgan’s tiny, tiny ratings.

He’s doing so badly that some car accidents have more viewers! In fact, it is looking like he’s about to be replaced by a new CNN hire soon. So, it may not be long before he’s off the air–and rightfully so.

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