Obamacare Will Cost Young People Thousands More Per Year

If you are under 30, if you are not very wealthy, and even if you are healthy your healthcare insurance costs will soar thanks to Obamacare. And you won’t have any choice in the matter, either, or you will be labeled a criminal under the law.

Robert Graboyes has some of the facts at the US News.

“Millennials’ life prospects have already suffered under the weight of the Great Recession and its aftermath,” Graboyes points out. But it is about to get worse.

Choosing a state at random, the Manhattan Institute reports that before the ACA, the average 27-year-old male in Arkansas could buy a health insurance policy for roughly $54 a month. According to the White House website, on the ACA exchange, the average lowest-priced plan will be three times more expensive, costing him around $181 a month–a 235 percent increase. If he were to purchase a stripped-down catastrophic plan, it would cost roughly $135 per month, two-and-a-half times more than his current insurance.

I’ll bet the average young Obama voter is entirely ignorant of this!

But wait, it gets worse.

Then there are the costs that don’t show up in the side-by-side premium comparisons. The Department of Health and Human Services looked at a hypothetical 27-year-old Texan earning $25,000 per year. This person, HHS noted, would pay $145 for the second-cheapest silver plan and $83 for a bronze plan. But InsureBlog.com noted that such plans would likely come with a $5,000 deductible and a $6,350 out-of-pocket maximum. For a young person with serious health issues, the ACA’s “affordable” coverage will consume 30 percent of his income.

And that is just what it does to individuals. It is worse for the whole of the United States. Graboyes notes that since millions of these costs will devolve to the Federal Treasury that will be millions that cannot be used for roads, bridges, the military, and everything else the US is responsible for.

Folks, this Obamacare law is a disaster for the USA. This Graboyes article is just more evidence of that.

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