A Message From The President to Military Families

Here’s the clear and undeniable message being sent from President Obama to the military and their families:

“Screw you. What’s that? Your kid was killed in Afghanistan? Tough shit.”

Marine FuneralI take this very personally. Our son is a US Marine, no longer on active duty, he served from 2001 through 2005. His unit did two tours in al Anbar province and four of his guys were killed on my birthday in 2004. I’ve lived through actually feeling guilty that my son is alive when trying to comfort families who’ve lost their Marine and being comforted by them. This is personal.

This is more of the Shutdown Showcase that Obama and his ilk are projecting onto the American people. It’s bad enough that the Brownshirts at the National Park Service have come down to taking the handles off the drinking fountains in the parks, but this crap is enough to make me lock my guns in my friend’s safe.

Here’s what the Pentagon had to say.

“Unfortunately, as a result of the shutdown, we do not have the legal authority to make death gratuity payments at this time,” said Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen, a Defense Department spokesman. “However, we are keeping a close eye on those survivors who have lost loved ones serving in the Department of Defense.”

Hogwash. And that’s not anywhere near what I would say to Christensen, who has a budding career in the National Park Service when he leaves the Navy.

Congress passed, and Obama signed, a continuing resolution for the military last week that Speaker Boehner says gave the Pentagon the authority to pay the troops and cover all kinds of financial obligations, including this.

Earlier today the House passed a continuing resolution to make these payments and the vote was 432-0. It was sent to the Senate. Harry Reid will not allow a vote.

You can feel free to call Harry’s office: 202-224-3542 in Washington. 775-882-7343 in Carson City, NV. 702-388-5020 in Las Vegas. 775-686-5750 in Reno.

I always caution people to be polite when they call an elected representative because the people who answer the phones don’t have any power to do anything but take a note and pass it on. In this instance, don’t pay any attention to the caution.

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