Obama Shuts Down Statue of Liberty, Refuses Last Wish of Dying Girl

14-year-old Morgan Jones has a fatal disease and is legally blind but all she wanted was to visit the Statue of Liberty. But thanks to Obama’s shut down, she has been denied that last request.

Miss Jones is from Ashland, Kentucky and was visiting New York to fulfill a life-long hope of visiting the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. But with the shut down engineered by the Democrats the girl is out of luck.

Miss Morgan will be returning home without having visited the symbol of American liberty on a trip arranged by the Lexington Dream Factory, an organization that helps dying kids fulfill wishes.

“She’s heartbroken. Her whole dream was to climb up the 354 steps to the crown,” mother April Keelin said.

As the New York Post reports:

Jones was born with glutaric acidemia Type 2, a disease that impairs the body’s ability to break down fat and protein. She must eat every three hours or risk a brain hemorrhage. Only 50 people in the world are said to have the disease.

Sadly, the girl may not live long enough for a return trip.

Morgan’s mother is a music teacher and said that they can’t afford to return any time soon.

“We don’t know if we’d ever get back to do this for her again,” the girl’s mother said.

Well, Obama does it again. First he denies treatment to cancer stricken kids, now he’s denying a dying girl a last wish.

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