Anti-Hillary Clinton Buttons Appear at California GOP Convention

Huffington Post has a pretty dishonest post about some off color anti-Hillary Clinton buttons that were being sold at the California Republican convention this month. The button is being called “disgusting” by HuffyPost, but also seems to blame the state party for them being made. This is just dishonest.

The button that HuffyPo is upset about is mildly offensive, granted. The buttons say, “KFC Hillary Special, 2 fat thighs, 2 small breasts …. left wing.”

But here’s the thing: they aren’t “Republican” buttons.

You see, HuffyPo posted the story without noting that these buttons are not sanctioned by the party or any particular politician.

Buttons like this are manufactured and sold by independent contractors who also sell similar buttons at Democrat gatherings. These little political button stands are not being operated by people affiliated with the party, neither Republicans nor Democrats.

These button stands are put together by people trying to make some cash selling buttons, not the party folks.

Again, off color buttons like this are sold to people from both sides of the political divide.

Further, once the GOP found out about the buttons, they removed the vender. So, really, there is no story here, HuffPo.

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